5 Reliable Resources for Your Franchise Research


In the early stages of franchise research, finding the exact information you’re looking for can be challenging, but when you add to it the reality that many resources are biased toward promoting particular ideas or brands, it’s nearly impossible. What good is information if it’s only half the information you need?

Here are several resources that will give you unbiased, reliable information about various pieces of the franchise puzzle.


International Franchise Association (IFA)
Website: www.franchise.org

The IFA is the largest organization representing the franchise industry. While their primary purpose is to promote franchising as a whole, the information they provide about specific brands, and about topics like franchise law, healthcare regulations, and general franchising is very thorough and reliable.


Website: www.franchiseknowhow.com

FranchiseKnowHow provides news and information on many topics related to franchising, with much of its content presented through regular blog posts written by a variety of franchise experts. They provide timely, well thought-out pieces on important franchise-related issues.


The Educated Franchisee
Website: www.theeducatedfranchisee.com

This site is designed specifically for “tomorrow’s franchisees,” and run by franchising veteran, Rick Bisio. The Educated Franchisee provides very straightforward, honest advice for choosing a franchise, and free services where visitors can speak with a franchise coach or exchange Franchise Disclosure Documents from various brands.


Websites: www.boefly.com

BoeFly is a company that matches prospective franchisees with financial lenders. What makes them uniquely valuable to serious franchise seekers is a great tool called bQual, which allows prospective franchisees to get pre-approved for a loan and see a detailed financial assessment.


Franchise Business Review
Website: www.franchisebusinessreview.com

We may be biased by listing ourselves here, but our data is decidedly UNBIASED. Our websites and reports, as well as our Top Franchises listings, are provided with absolutely no bias toward a specific brand, regardless of their name recognition or the depth of their pockets. The only bias we have is toward high franchisee satisfaction, which is measured using the same formula for every single franchise company we research.


We hope you’ll use our site for franchise research, but we also encourage you to check out these sites as part of your due diligence. There are many other worthwhile online resources, but beware sites that show you the “best” brands without giving equal opportunity to all franchises.

Michael Kupfer

Michael is the Online Marketing Manager at FBR, specializing in search and email marketing, while also helping to create much of FBR's webinar programs and content. When not at the office, Michael spends his time running, hiking the White Mountains with his wife, watching baseball, and serving as a volunteer tutor at the Dover Adult Learning Center.