Should You Help Yourself to a Frozen Yogurt Franchise?

Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Over the last decade or so, frozen yogurt (or "froyo") franchises have been popping up on street corners and in malls across the country. If you have children, or just a sweet tooth yourself, you've likely visited a variety of different yogurt shops and have noticed that most have a similar setup, complete with a number of self-serve yogurt options, a smorgasbord of sweet and fruity toppings (who wouldn't want gummy worms on their Double Brownie yogurt?), and a number of small tables to sit and indulge your confection.

The list of most well-known yogurt franchises includes Red Mango, Sweet Frog, Menchies, Orange Leaf, Yogurtland, and Pink Berry, among many others. As is true with all franchise segments, name recognition is not an automatic indicator of great opportunity for the franchise owner.

In our research, we've found that many Food & Beverage franchises struggle to maintain strong franchisee satisfaction. Still, there are a number of brands that stand out among the rest, some outperforming the industry benchmarks year after year. This year, no frozen yogurt franchise was named to our Top 40 Food Franchises list, which is constructed based on our franchisee satisfaction research.*

While we always recommend beginning your search with top-rated franchises, you can still gain a firm understanding of what a brand's strengths and weaknesses are by speaking with the franchisor and, even more importantly, their current franchisees. Be sure to ask the franchisor for any third party validation they have so you can see an unbiased evaluation of the brand before making any type of commitment.

*A brand may be absent from our Top 40 list for either of the following reasons:
  • The brand opted not to participate in our franchisee satisfaction research (a free process for any franchise system).
  • The brand did participate in our research, but rated poorly among its franchisees.
Michael Kupfer

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